Event management

Hair Courses in Navi Mumbai

Hair Courses in Navi Mumbai

From the most fabulous runway shows to the most elaborated celebrity parties; ever
wonder how these amazing events come together? With our International Certificate
Diploma and Degree Courses you will learn the “ins and outs” of producing a world class
nostalgic event. Learn the different types of fashion, modelling related events, learn how
to create and manage 360degree event planning starting from budget, curate a delicious
menu, and stay organized with a thorough run-way show and gala nights
Students will learn how to execute impactful events on different scales. They will
understand how to use publicity tools and social media to build buzz, pair the
appropriate wines to dishes and facilitate a seamless red carpet. By the end of this short
course, students will be able to anticipate common event limitations and how to manage
them efficiently.
The goal of this course is for students to learn how to produce experiences by taking
their events to the next level.
Upon completion of the program, participants will be given the opportunity to
conceptualize, plan and execute a real-life event as a part of their Program



Pro Skill School is one of its kind offering Realtime Integrated Programs with Live Event Experiences along with Hybrid Learning System with our Do and Learn training approach

We empower the journey of this Passionate Fashion Career to PROFESSIONAL CAREER leading to FASHIONPRENEUR


  • Introduction to the different types of events – People think fashion event planning only
    consists of fashion shows but there is a lot more to it.
  • During this first session, students will also be introduced to the brief for their final
    project which is the creation of a dedicated fashion event according to the mentor
  • Introduction to Budget & Logistics – Students will discover how to build a budget and
    work with a predetermined allocated sum.
  • Venue Scouting – students will discover the different type of venues that can be used
    for events, from traditional spaces to unusual, off the beaten track locations
  • Catering – As event planners are often curating menus without the opportunity to
    taste everything, students will learn the basics of pairing and understanding which
    wines go best with common main dishes.
  • Students will discuss common event elements such as different types of Music,
    entertainment (DJ/Band/Playlist), photography, photo booth, Model Portfolios,
    Outdoor and indoor shoots, lighting, AV, decor, and visuals.
  • Students will learn about innovative event activations and “Instagram Live Reels and
    Influencing factors” moments that will help bring an event to life.
  • Students will learn how to create an Event invite, common invite jargon, Social Cause
    Event Invite, how many people to invite to hit a certain number, tiering their invite lists
    A & B, and creating seating charts for sit-down events especially when dealing with
    talent. We will discuss common elements that need to be kept in mind when you have
    celebrities/VIPs at your event such as a face sheet, coordinating hair and makeup,
    car service, dressing, red carpet, and green room. During this class, students will
    hear from a talent rep on what it is like to work with VIPs daily and things to keep in
    mind when hosting them at events.
  • On-site/ROS/Walkthrough – Students will learn about staffing an event and on-site
    needs/roles such as check-in and valet.
  • They will also learn how to put a thorough and detailed run-of-show together inclusive
    of a brief event overview, contact list, timeline, and short list. We will discuss how to
    conduct a final event walkthrough, soundcheck, lighting test, AV test and post-event
    items such as breakdown and returns.
  • After 90 days individual live event project will be dedicated to students’ individual
    concept presentations as Realtime learning experience
  • Respective Certificate / Diploma and Degree Programs are awarded accordingly to
    successful Learners



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