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Hair Courses in Navi Mumbai

Hair Courses in Navi Mumbai

If you want a glamorous and exhilarating career as a Fashion Stylist and Retail you’ve come to the right place. This powerful training will teach you how to work in one of the most highly covetable fashion career choices and launch you on the map as a globally accredited Fashion Stylist. Work with designers, editors and consult to brands and attend fashion weeks Run successful personal styling businesses with many high paying clients



Join Pro Skill School, Learn from the industry Mentors, fully steeped in the heart of the fashion industry as you realise your creative vision in the exciting world of Fashion Styling, this training offers you the opportunity to leap ahead in the competitive world of fashion with guidance from insider experts.

Learn how to develop vital industry styling skills, define your aesthetic, and build your own editorial team, with contacts usually reserved for established stylists only.

Learn the art of fashion mood boarding, as you master how to develop creative ideas with a method of originality that is non-prescriptive through your work. You’ll discover how to engage and work with fashion PR and emerging designers, agency models, fashion editors, photographers, and other artists, Boutiques as managers producing fashion shoots with a professional finish, bespoke to each client.

This training can also be combined with the Fashion Photography Portfolio and Brand your Social Media Online to develop your industry profile as a Fashion Stylist Working with Live Clients.

Our Focused curriculum covers Female Body Shape, Body Posture, Body language Positivity, Colour Analysis, Style Personality Client Assessment Wardrobe Edits, Personal Shopping Ideas.


Our Level 3 Fashion Retail course explores the fashion retail environment. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of how fashion businesses are structured. You’ll learn the role different departments play within a brand, and
how they work together.

We’ll teach you a wide range of industry skills, from trend forecasting to fashion
production, digital content creation to merchandising. It’s an excellent choice if
you aren’t sure which area of fashion you’d like to work in. You&’ll develop a
strong foundation for many careers including buying, visual merchandising, styling, marketing or retail operations.

You’ll learn through a timetable of classes, workshops and practical sessions in
our creative studio spaces. Throughout the course, you’ll also work on projects set by major brands and receive personalised feedback from industry professionals – including our exclusive Industry Enterprise Initiative.

UGC Recognised Bachelor’s Degree in Retail Management with International Diploma from UK London

  • Principles of Fashion Business and Retail: An introduction into the structure of a fashion retail business, and the role of each department in a brand 
  • Communication for Fashion Business and Retail: Develop professional communication and presentation skills in the context of fashion retail
  • Critical and Contextual Awareness: Learn the history of fashion retail and the cultural, ethical and environmental influences which shape theindustry
  • Fashion Production and Supply Chain: Discover how garments are produced, and learn about the global supply chain and the increasing impact of new technologies
  • Fashion Buying and Merchandising: An introduction to buying and merchandising. Learn how the two departments collaborate, and how
    they fit into the overall structure of fashion business.
  • Fashion Management and Marketing: Examine the structure of a retail business in greater detail. Learn the importance of customer behaviour in marketing.
  • Visual Merchandising for Fashion Retail: Discover how visual
    merchandising increases sales and profits for a brand. Learn the skills needed to succeed in this area.
  • Collaborative Fashion Retail Project: Create and execute a fashion retail project focusing on a specific area; evaluate your own work and your classmates.
  • Specialist Study and Preparation for Progression in Fashion Retail :
    Identify which discipline you’d like to pursue by exploring your strengths and weaknesses, enthusiasms and ambitions.
  • Fashion Retail Environments : Explore the factors and influences affecting the industry. Develop an understanding of consumers in different markets.
  • Professional Strategies: Improve professional skills and reflective practice through CV and LinkedIn writing classes and interview skills workshops. Learn to create a range of self-romotional material including websites and online portfolios.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Learn the fundamental role that entrepreneurship plays in the business world. Understand the different tools, mindset and values required as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry and how to use creative problem solving.



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